Re: NVDA Addon PDF2Text and python 3


What are the terms for links with text and links that are just an address written out?

Doesn't hyperlinks refer to both? and what is the original questioner referring to?


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I actually have mine make a sound, not nvda as that can't be done I don't think, not at the core, but voiceover makes a mid pitched click when the hyper link is started and a lower pitched click when the link is finished. For example this link would lead to google. if my markdown language didn't brake. If nvda did that, or at least had an option in the core that would be good. I might check the github as I'm following that repo.


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On 27 Oct 2020, at 14:25, Brian Vogel wrote:

On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 03:27 PM, Louise Pfau wrote:
I didn't realize they were called "click through" links.-

Thanks. The term "click through" link is mine, as the technical term, hypertext, is so seldom used and not understood by many.

When the text itself has the link there to "click through" to see what it refers to, that's what I call them. Perhaps I should begin using the formal term instead.

I know that when I've been working with clients who want to actually "read an article" (or whatever) that contains hypertext they'll often disable whatever setting it is in their screen reader that announces, "Link," along with the hypertext itself since that makes narrative flow so disjointed. I'd imagine that some may keep this off all the time and either turn it on "on demand" or bring up the list of links after having read the actual text if they suspect hypertext was present in a message/article/etc.


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