Re: NVDA Addon PDF2Text and python 3


I hope the original poster gives more information. What e-mail program is being used and how messages are read may be important, as text or HTML.


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On Tue, Oct 27, 2020 at 07:02 PM, Gene wrote:
What are the terms for links with text and links that are just an address written out?The first are hypertext, and the second are hyperlinks (or just links, and even many refer to hypertext, as links).

All links, whether as hypertext or hyperlinks, perform the function of directing you to a web resource.

But my much earlier point is that it is very rare these days for most writers to include "naked" hyperlinks. Hypertext is far more common, and I use it almost exclusively, as do virtually all online publications. I can't explain why hypertext would not have been announced by the screen reader, either, and the original poster who stated they were not has never clarified further.


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