Re: Two NVDA Questions

Pele West

Hi Gene

I was rather hoping that there might be a key to refresh the screen in
all situations.

I use MS Office 2010 and do a lot of work using VBA. When using the VBA
Editor NVDA often misses out lines of code, particularly if you cursor
down through the code and then cursor up again. I have not found an easy
way of focussing on these lines that does not involve going to the top
or bottom of the program and losing my place.

I don't know if a key to refresh the screen would solve this, but I
thought it was worth finding out.

JAWS and Window-Eyes do not miss out these lines of code.

It may be that I should get a later version of MSOffice, but I am
interested in why these lines of code are sometimes missed out.

Pele West

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