Re: Two NVDA Questions

Ralf Kefferpuetz

NVDA can't do that refresh screen thing as Window-Eyes and other SR can do, because NVDA isn't using a mirrow display
driver to access the screen content.
If you have an example Excel file with VBA code where you can't read reliable the lines of code please send it to me
privatly and I can verify if I can reproduce it with Office 365.


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Hi Gene

I was rather hoping that there might be a key to refresh the screen in all situations.

I use MS Office 2010 and do a lot of work using VBA. When using the VBA Editor NVDA often misses out lines of code,
particularly if you cursor down through the code and then cursor up again. I have not found an easy way of focussing on
these lines that does not involve going to the top or bottom of the program and losing my place.

I don't know if a key to refresh the screen would solve this, but I thought it was worth finding out.

JAWS and Window-Eyes do not miss out these lines of code.

It may be that I should get a later version of MSOffice, but I am interested in why these lines of code are sometimes
missed out.

Pele West

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