Tutorials On New Facebook Platform?

David Russell

Hello NVDA Group,

Per the digest version, thank you Gene, Brian, and Diane K., for your
input on my topic, Tutorials On New FB Version.

Gene, I would be interested to receive your tutorial draft when most
convenient. My email is within my signature.

Brian, I did note the suggestion to use "mbasic.facebook.com" and, in
all honesty have my figurative fingers crossed as to the length of
this methodologyworking.

Useful info may include:
1. How to login to one's account after using an antiviral,
anti-spyware program to service one's computer or device. Generally,
those programs will cancel out previous login history to email and
social platforms for example.
2. How to read specific reactions to one's post comments. Not
essential but nice to know.
3. How to send a message to a specific person.
4. How to clear or delete messages using the combo box. NVDA does not
read choices even when invoking the insert key plus spacebar. Other
tutorials state hot keys vary from browser to browser.

Gene, on which website will your tutorial appear?

I think sticking with the basics is a wise choice!

David Russell

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