Re: NVDA integration in video games

Josh Kennedy

if NVDA had real time recognition like voiceover does on iOS 14, then we would have access to a lot more applications including video games. Voiceover uses a Neural Engine and artificial intelligence to do screen recognition, image recognition and description, and real time live OCR and it also recognizes controls based on pixels on the screen and matrices. Making many applications including video games very accessible and applications which did not used to be accessible or now suddenly accessible with voiceover artificial intelligent Neural Engine recognition. it would be excellent if NVDA could implement this feature very soon. I believe that it directly access of the GPU, and based on pixels on the screen and live screen or some kind of image scanning, it recognizes various inaccessible controls directly even if they are just drawing on the screen with pixels, then it turns those controls into accessible controls that voiceover can interpret. If anybody I could do this it would be excellent.

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