Re: NVDA Remote

Tyler Spivey

This is described in the documentation. What didn't work?

Try this on the controlling computer:
1. NVDA menu, Tools, Remote, Connect.
2. Put in Host.
3. Press Generate Key, or type your own key in the key field. You'll need that key for the next step, so keep it around.
4. Press enter.

And on the other one:
1. NVDA menu, Tools, Remote, Connect
2. Tab once and hit down arrow to set the radio button to Allow this machine to be controlled.
3. Put in Host.
4. Tab to Key and put that in, then press enter.

On 10/29/2020 9:08 AM, Ryan Fleury wrote:
Hello last week I used the e-mail link on this page
To ask about an issue I am having with NVDA remote and I still haven’t heard back from anyone so not very happy.
I was trying to use nvda remote to connect to another NVDA user’s computer but when I tried to generate a key nothing happened so if anyone can advise me on how the nvda remote works to connect to another nvda user I would appreciate it.
Thanks Ryan
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