So that there will be something in the archive for future searchers, I'm going to document the process for those of you who want to change your e-mail address of record (and, by the way, that's your login ID as well for your account) and are subscribed to multiple Groups.

1. Go to the account page at 

2. Enter your existing e-mail address of record and your password.  If you have never logged in to your account, you do not have a password, and will have to establish one.  Beneath the password edit box is a link, Forgot your password, or don't have one yet?, that you would need to activate in order to establish a password for your account.  If necessary, activate it, follow the instructions, and start again at step 1 after you have that password.

3. Activate the Log In  button.

4. You are taken to the Login tab for your account, and the first edit box shows your current e-mail address of record.  Directly below that is the Change Email button.  Activate it and follow the steps to change the current e-mail address to the one you want.  Optional:  Below that edit box is one for Password with a Change Password Button and Delete Password button below it.  If you want to tweak your existing password you can do so.

5.  In the event you're someone who uses a Google Account and/or a Facebook Account, further down the page under a section entitled, Social Logins, are checkboxes dedicated to allowing you to use these login methods.  If you wish to add that capability, check those boxes that apply, then activate the Change Social Login Preferences button.

There is no "Save" done on this page as the saving is part and parcel of the changing process.

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