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No, you cannot swap files with NVDA remote but there is a way of passing the contents of small text files to/from a remotely connected computer via the push clipboard feature of the Remote add-on.





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in n v d a remote can you swapp files?


On 29/10/2020 16:29, Sky Mundell wrote:

Hello Ryan. I have used NVDA Remote with a few clients of mine in the past and it works well for them and I. What I have the clients do is to go into the NVDA remote sub menu, and choose the connect option. Then, I have the clients choose allow this machine to be controled, which is the second radio button. Then you put in the hostname  put in the hostname, which  is

Then, I generate the key, and I give the key to the client, and away we go.

By the way, you can also create your own key by just thinking of a word, and putting the word in the key box and then telling the clients what the word is.

Thanks, Sky.

On Oct 29, 2020, at 9:08 AM, Ryan Fleury <ryan@...> wrote:


Hello last week I used the e-mail link on this page

To ask about an issue I am having with NVDA remote and I still haven’t heard back from anyone so not very happy.

I was trying to use nvda remote to connect to another NVDA user’s computer but when I tried to generate a key nothing happened so if anyone can advise me on how the nvda remote works to connect to another nvda user I would appreciate it.

Thanks Ryan


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Thanks for your time in advance.
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