Re: NVDA performance in remote or virtual environments

Adriani Botez

Does anyone have any ideas?

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Dear all,


I thought I start a discussion here on the performance topic in remote or virtual environments. Since I don’t really have experience with this yet, but I am starting to work on such an environment, maybe some one can help with some useful hints.


For my job a smooth performance is very crucial. I wonder, which environment delivers the best NVDA performance?

  • Virtual machine? Or
  • Remote connection via NVDA remote addon in a Citrix environment (i.e. with Unicorn DVC)?
  • Is there any other possibility which delivers good performance?


In a virtual environment, is there a difference in performance when using different software to create a virtual machine? I.e. Hyper-V, VMWare, Virtual Box or Citrox itself? If yes, which is the VM software that delivers the best performance so far?


I hope someone can help with some knowledge here.



Thank you very much and best regards



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