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I'm not sure what problem you are having. When I use autocomplete, that is type something like a name in the field, I can down arrow through the available addresses and they are read. Also, the part of the address is read if I type and then do nothing, that I haven't typed is read when the field is populated with the address. For example, if I type letters autocomplete reads @nytimes.com if I have punctuation set to speak the at sign and just nytimes.com if I have punctuation set not to speak. I want to make sure just what you are discussing.

If I tab once, after using autocomplete and an address is selected, the use left arrow suggestion is given. I have moved from the autocomplete area to the actual address field. I don't know what accounts for your problem. I'm using the latest version, 78.4.0. I'm using the portable version but I'm very doubtful that matters.


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Hi all,

When using latest thunderbird, when an address is autocompleted into to
field, there is no way to have it announced. This is a rather
significant problem. Has anyone found a solution? The instructions
spoken say to use arrow keys, but those do not work.

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