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On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 02:13 PM, Don H wrote:
So is the quick folder key navagation addon for thunderbird now working with the latest 78 version of thunderbird?
There has been a new version of this available since the day of introduction of the latest Thunderbird.  Unfortunately, there does not exist something in Thunderbird that is akin to Add-On Updater in NVDA, that will detect if you are using an older, incompatible version of an extension.  If you have not done so, remove the existing extension, go to the Thunderbird extensions page, and get the latest one.

See this tutorial I wrote some years ago if necessary.  I cannot guarantee that my number of TABs count will necessarily be current, but you should have the screen reader announcing such that you know that you've landed where you need to if they aren't:

IMPORTANT:  For those using Thunderbird with a screen reader I strongly suggest installing the Quick Folder Key Navigation extension.  You will only need to install this extension once for any instance of Thunderbird you might be using.  This allows you to jump from folder in the folder tree using first letter navigation to move between them.  Without it, this does not always work.   You will only need to install this extension once for any instance of Thunderbird you might be using.  If you are using JAWS or NVDA, searching for this add on within Thunderbird is quite simple:

·         Activate the Tools Menu (ALT+T), add-ons option (followed by A) and tab 3 times, at which point you should be on the Extensions Pane.  If you happen to land on any other pane then use Down Arrow (or Up Arrow) until you hear Extensions.

·         Tab 2 times, which lands you in the search all add-ons edit box. 

·         Then type in Quick Folder Key Navigation, hit enter, and wait a few seconds for the search to complete. 

·         Tab 5 times more gain focus on the list of results.  Then hit Down Arrow to start navigating the list.  Quick Folder Key Navigation should be the first result.

·         Tab 2 times to land on the Install button then hit enter.

·         After the install completes you need to exit Thunderbird and start it up again for this extension to become active


At this point I am locking this topic, too, as it really has nothing to do with NVDA per se.  If additional discussion regarding Thunderbird issues in the absence of any changes to NVDA are needed, they need to occur on the Chat Subgroup.  There may be bugs that creep in with any update, but when that update is with a given piece of application software it's likely due to that application software, not NVDA itself.


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