locked Re: supporting dell laptops for screen readers.


thanks brian for yourr reply.
yes, i always use desktop keyboard and my acer laptop has 17 inch display.
i asked because i dont remember exactly.
but i am sure that people have many complaint about using hp laptops
with nvda which i read before, but dont remember exactly what the
problem they were.

On 10/31/20, Brian Vogel <britechguy@gmail.com> wrote:
I have experienced zero brand-based differences, and only the very
occasional model-based difference, as far as screen readers, plural, go.

I can't count the number of different models of desktop and laptop computers
of every make and model I've dealt with and had JAWS and/or NVDA running on
them, none with any issue.

My only caution with regard to laptops, regardless of brand, is that if you
are accustomed to using desktop keyboard layout with your screen reader make
sure that the laptop you're considering has a number pad built-in on its
keyboard if you intend to use the built-in keyboard. Most 15-inch models
will, many 13-inch or smaller screen models won't. And if you're not used
to using laptop keyboard layout, there's a learning curve associated with
getting keystrokes you already know straight again, as some differ.

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