locked Re: supporting dell laptops for screen readers.


On Sat, Oct 31, 2020 at 03:28 PM, zahra wrote:
xp is supported

        Consider this a friendly warning.  There will be no additional discussion, none, of Windows XP on this group.  Period, end of sentence.

         I refer you to the group rules, by which you and all other members are bound as a condition of participation:


Unsupported versions of any software may only be discussed on the Chat Subgroup, not the main NVDA Group. 

Windows:  Only Windows 8.1 and currently supported versions of Windows 10.  Members should refer to the Windows Lifecycle Fact Sheet to determine which versions of Windows are currently supported.  Information about the dates on which specific versions of Windows 10 reached or will reach their end of service dates is listed there as well and will be updated as new versions are released. 

         Also, there is absolutely no new hardware that is available with anything other than Windows 10, so if you're looking for a new computer that is what you will get and that is what you will have to get used to using.

          Since I believe the original question, about NVDA and specific hardware has been addressed, this topic is now locked.

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