locked Re: NVDA marking messages as read in third-party E-mail applications

Louise Pfau

Hi.  I'll try to clarify what I'm asking.  I think there is a conflict between JAWS 16 and the newer browsers that causes the browser to crash.  This happens occasionally as well with NVDA 2020.3, but not as frequently, so I prefer to use NVDA for browsing the internet.  When I navigate back to the list of messages in Windows Live Mail after composing a reply through the web interface, that's when the messages are all marked as read.  I turned the preview pain off.  As I indicated in my original post, I know that Windows Live Mail is no longer supported, but I want to know if other people are having the same issue with different third-party applications.  If it's happening with other applications, then I'll fill out a bug report.



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