locked Re: NVDA marking messages as read in third-party E-mail applications



          This is almost certainly an issue with using Windows Live Mail with Gmail, not NVDA or JAWS related.  I do not know whether turning on the "Allow Less Secure Apps" setting on Google will allow Windows Live Mail access again or not.  If you're using 2-factor-authorization it won't, that would need to be off, too.

           But, in any case, I recommended Windows Live Mail 2012 as a simple e-mail client well beyond its end of support date, but don't anymore.  And that's because it has been exhibiting anything from "increasing inconsistency" through outright failure to work with a number of different e-mail service providers in recent months.  If you intend to keep using an e-mail client I strongly advise you to look into one that is currently supported.

            I will allow this topic to remain open for the moment, because Gene may have some parting advice, and you may wish to reply to it.  But after that, if that transpires, I will lock the topic, as it is virtually certain that this has absolutely nothing to do with NVDA or any other screen reader, for that matter.

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