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Louis Maher

Hello Kelly,

A couple of thoughts.

First, if you do have the acrobat file open, you can hit alt + e for the edit menu, arrow down to accessibility menu, right arrow to open the menu, and arrow down to change reading options, hit enter, and you will be in the reading option dialog.

Secondly, I was having trouble with Acrobat and JAWS. So I opened acrobat without pointing to a specific file, hit alt + h for the help menu, arrow down to repair installation, hit enter, and followed the process, then rebooted the machine. That cleared up my issues.

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I'm having problems using Acrobat Reader DC (hereafter titled ARDC) with NVDA. It works great with JAWS, but when I have NVDA loaded and open a file in ARDC, I don't get the message asking how I want the document presented as far as accessibility goes. All I get is a frame, but no text. Do I need an addon to make it work better, or are there some settings I need to adjust?


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