Re: appending to clipboard instead of just copying to clipboard?

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After the clipboard feature was turned on and you had copied stuff to the clipboard then arrowed to the one to paste as you found also the space bar done the trick nicely .

using the enter key would at times just post v.

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On 3/11/2020 8:43 am, Chris Mullins wrote:


                                I have been testing the Clipboard History feature of Windows 10 using NVDA and have achieved mixed results.  I can traverse the list of clipboard items with up/down arrows but the enter key,  has caused me problems. 


When located on a particular item in the clipboard items list, pressing enter pastes in the requisite item but causes focus issues in the test Notepad document I am using and when I use NVDA+t to identify which document I am in, NVDA gives audio feedback about braille tethering, so I think  there may be some compatibility issues here.  Repeated presses of NVDA+t seems to cycle around the Braille tethering options.  I do not have a Braille device connected to my machine.  Flipping focus between open apps eventually restores normality.


I could not get the tab key to open any menus asociated with the Clipboard History list, the only menu I could get was a context menu using the Applications key and this had many options, mostly unavailable, delete being one of them however, Pressing the delete key whilst a particular list item is in focus, will remove it from the list.


I could not determine a way to move between the document and the Clipboard History window to paste in several clipboard items, other than by using Windows+v each time, neither could I select more than one clipboard item at a time for pasting.


I found that the most reliable way of pasting items from the Clipboard History list into your target document is to highlight an item using the arrow keys, then press the spacebar to paste it.  Focus returns to your target document after these keystrokes.


I think there may be compatibility issues with the ClipSpeak add-on as well.  When pasting several items from the Clipboard History list, I found that ClipSpeak was only announcing every other  item as "Pasted text" but the strange thing was that the items that were not announced were pasted successfully and those announced, failed to paste into the target document.  After disabling Clipspeak, I was able to use the spacebar to paste items consistently.           





From: Brian Vogel
Sent: 02 November 2020 01:42
Subject: Re: [nvda] appending to clipboard instead of just copying toclipboard?


On Sun, Nov 1, 2020 at 08:24 PM, Dan Beaver wrote:

When I copy things to the clipboard and then press windows + V it says the first item in the clipboard history but I can't figure out how to access the list of the history.

Up/Down arrow moves you through the items on the clipboard.

Enter pastes the one you have focus on.

If you wish to remove an item from Clipboard History, when you have focus on it hit Tab, activate the menu, and choose the appropriate option.


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