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i remembered one point to add in my previous explanation.
html view you can use it even with the oldest browsers
but standard view needs always up to date versions of browsers!

On 9/2/16, Jeremy <icu8it2@...> wrote:
Very neat and yeah, I think this will help a lot. As you say and most
especially with google, once you find the balance between where you
should use browse mode and where focus mode work the best, I think
that's a big key.

Definitely going to play with it more, so thanks bunches for the tips. :)

Take care.
On 9/1/2016 5:21 AM, mohammad suliman wrote:

Are the shortcut keys listed in the link supposed to work the same
for the <> version of the
interface? Only asking as it seems to navigate quite a bit
differently than the help documentation says it should.

haven't compared them, but, yes, I think they are different.
to get the list of shortcuts, use question mark, (shift + /) while in
focus mode. please notice that you need to use brows mode to read the
shortcuts dialog properly.

One area I'm finding to be quite problematic is finding the area
that contains the different folders within your google account,
inbox, starred, sent mail, etc. As per the documentation, it seems
that you should be able to move to this area using the tab and
shift+tab keys, but this doesn't seem to work for me in the

yes, you can reach this menu with tab / shift + tab. It is near the
top of the page. You need to expand the menu first with enter. It is
named "main menu" or something similar.
a much easier way, is to use the dedicated shortcut, which is shift +
m, which will jump you directly to this menu.

I am able to move to a list of conversations, messages that appear
to be in my inbox, but using the up and down arrows here do not
appear to do anything. If I, however, use the right and left
arrows, I can move from conversation to conversation, of which a
few things are read to me, weather the conversation is read, the
subject, number of responses in that conversation and a tiny
snippet of the message.

that is correct, left / rite arrow is the way to go to move between
conversations. this is somewhat strange at the beginning, but you'll
become used to it if you decide to continue with.

Using tab if you're on one of these conversations then takes you
to some buttons, delete, etc, while sometimes, using shift+tab,
rather than taking you to a previous button in that list of
buttons or taking you back to the conversation you were on, jumps
you to a previous conversation, just as if you'd used the left arrow.

if you want to expand the thread, hit enter, and then use tab several
times to reach the first message of that thread.
a message within a thread can be in 2 states:
* collapsed, in this case, a preview of the message will be displayed.
and tab will move to the next message in the thread.
* expanded, in this case, full message content will be displayed. And
using tab will go over list of actions you can perform on this
message. And, After you go over this list, you will get to the next

there are 2 shortcuts to move between messages within threads:
* p, to move to previous message
* n, to move to next message

after you finish with the thread, you can collapse it with escape, and
get back to the main messages list.

It may be that I've yet to change some needed setting to make
things display correctly with NVDA, but as I see it so far, it
seems to be roughly the same confusing interface that's used in
other parts of google's interface, one for google voice, etc.

you need to enable full keyboard shortcuts, which you can do from the
shortcuts dialog mentioned previously I think.
there is some setting within gmail settings which enables screen
reader support, but I don't know what it affects exactly.

I'd love to be corrected and have made sure to stay in focus mode
when trying this stuff out, but as with the other parts of google,
it seems that using browse mode sometimes actually shows you more
information and is easier to navigate.

yes, in most cases you need to use focus mode, however, using brows
mode is needed also. Some examples of this: when you are on a message
within a thread, you may want to read the message line by line, so
using brows mode is convenient in this case.
also, when I hear NVDA says section, usually I know that brows mode is
needed. Don't know the exact reason of this.
I tend to think that brows mode is similar to screen review with
desktop apps.
in short, you need to find a good balance between using brows and
focus modes, so you can get the most out of the product you are using.
and being familiar with the useful shortcuts will help you do so.

hope that helps!
good luck!

Thank you for any tips/ideas.


On 8/31/2016 6:24 AM, mohammad suliman wrote:
if you have the option to use <>
I recommend it. It is simpler, more productive and considered the
next generation tool for managing your e-mail.
and, as the standard view of gmail, it supports ARIA, so, you can
use it as you use the desktop mail client: navigating the
interface with tab / shift + tab, and many other shortcuts are

the link for gmail help for screen reader users:
it includes info on how to get to this page from within the main
gmail interface.

On Wed, 31 Aug 2016 at 12:12 Afik Sofir <afik.sofir@...
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Hi oyvind,

Can you please send a link to this?


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I use gmail standard view to manage my emails.
I've totally dropped the use of a mail client.
Gmail standard view is excellent and Google have done a great
making it accessible.
A lot of keyboard shortcuts is available.
Read the documentation and the how to use standard view with
a screen
reader available when logging in.

On 31 August 2016 at 09:35, nasrin khaksar
<nasrinkhaksar3@... <mailto:nasrinkhaksar3@...>>
> hello.
> the differents:
> 1/ in standard view nvda says unread for unread emails but
in html
> views does not.
> 2/ html is simple but standard is graphical and needs more
times to
> load and spends more internet charge.
> 3/ in html you dont have an uption for conversation but in
> you can use hangout if i am correct for conversation.
> On 8/31/16, Afik Sofir <afik.sofir@...
<mailto:afik.sofir@...>> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I have email for work, that I have to connect via gmail to
>> Its not <>, but I use gmail web
interface for it.
>> My question is
>> What the deffrences between the HTMl view and the standart
>> Afik.
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