Re: appending to clipboard instead of just copying to clipboard?


On Mon, Nov 2, 2020 at 06:52 PM, Betsy Grenevitch wrote:
This is something I have always wondered about but just never asked. When we are told about such things as "clipboard history" it would be nice to also be given how to access it. I have not had any professional training--or not much anyway--so have no idea where to find such a thing. I am sure I am not the only one on this list in that position.

           You know I've been helpful to you in the past and I want you to know that the following is not aimed at you, personally, but at this sort of complaint.  New features are new features.  Blind or sighted, most of us have to do web searches to get additional data.  If someone actually uses a feature and is able to give some additional information, and does so, well, bless 'em.  But there are many, and I'm among them, who are aware of features that we have chosen not to use.  There's nothing wrong, nothing at all, with giving information about the existence of a given feature and expecting readers to then go out and do their own homework if they wish to use it.

            Offering direction does not always entail offering a tutorial.  And it is expected, for members of online groups, that they possess the basic skills necessary to web search, and if they don't, that they should be asking how to gain those skills.  Age, visual status, or time using a computer is not an excuse for not doing so and if you, any you, need help to learn how to do effective web searches and content review then ask.

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