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You are evidently sending your message to the list and to the owner address, but perhaps not. Whatever the case, the address field says group moderators. That may confuse a lot of people and they may not read the message or they may skip it because they may think it is being addressed to the moderators.


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Subject: [nvda] 2 questions about OCR

Hi listers:

I have 2 questions about the OCR feature:

First, if I am looking at a screen with information in columns, the OCR tries to show each column separately. For example, if I am looking at a DOS directory listing, it shows me first, the file name, then a list of extensions, then the size, etc. Is there any way to have the OCR results reflect the way the screen actually looks, instead of trying to show me separate columns?

Second, is there a way to do a left or right click on something shown in the OCR results?


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