Re: appending to clipboard instead of just copying to clipboard?


On Tue, Nov 3, 2020 at 05:11 AM, Joseph Lee wrote:
Unlike things such as Action Center, clipboard history is really an overlay window, so it will try its best to not steal system focus and caret.
And from a design perspective, that puts up a situation where, as I've said earlier in other contexts, it's impossible for a screen reader to "be looking at two things at once."  One of my Gmail tutorials gets into this with a control that appears at the same time as something else, and that something else is what ends up getting initial focus and you'd never know the new control is there unless you can see it or are willing to traverse the entire page by brute force.

Trying to decide how to shift focus "without losing your place" has got to be more than a bit of a challenge.  It seems to me that mouse-over blurbs and this situation with Clipboard History have at least a little in common.

I don't envy trying to make the decisions necessary to solve some of these "where should I focus" and where is the system focusing conundrums.  That is one of the inherent problems when trying to access a medium designed for one sensory modality, sight, via a substitute.  You've put it best, Joseph, with your coinage of the term "information blackout" secondary to the fact that a screen reader can't deal with multiple changes presented simultaneously with any kind of ease.  And you are the one who made me realize just how much those of us with sight take in the entire visual field of "the screen" as a whole, picking up on changes that occur because they are state changes from "the normal."  It's not that this information cannot be accessed at all, but no matter what one chooses to do as far as "who goes first" that means everything else is in a black box, and the timing of dealing with it is broken up into some arbitrary way.

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