Re: questions about nvda and firefox hello.

Kevin Huber

Hi Nasrin:

Yes, Firefox does work with NVDA and it is accessible with the
keyboard only. In fact, the menu structure and the list of NVDA
hotkeys are verry similar to Internet Explorer.

To answer your last question, there is no reason why you wouldn't be
able to use it to make voice calls on Skype.
Kevin Huber

On 9/2/16, nasrin khaksar <> wrote:
hello every one.
i have questions about firefox hello and its compatibility with nvda.
1/ does nvda support firefox hello for example like skype properly?
2/ is it possible to use firefox hello completely with keyboard?
3/ does hello need camera and video calls?
in other words, can i use it without camera only for voice call like skype?
thanks so much and God bless you all.

we have not sent you but as a mercy to the creation.
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