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All sorts of software is issued under the public license being discussed. That has nothing to do with whether it is an official NVDA add-on. An add-on is official if it has been reviewed and approved by those designated by NVDA developers to do so. It is reviewed for safety and effectiveness.

I'm not saying that unofficial add-ons shouldn't be used, but the user should be aware that add-ons can be used for malicious purposes so it is a good idea to know if the author(s) are trustworthy. If unknown, it would be a good idea to ask about them here. There are some add-ons that are illegal and if they are brought up here, discussion will be stopped by the moderator or owner because illegal software isn't allowed to be discussed on the list.


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The term “unofficial” is misleading in the context of NVDA addons. Every NVDA addon that is released by an author following GPL copyright is official. The fact that an author doesn’t want his/her addon be listed on the NVDA addon page doesn’t make it unofficial.

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The DragAndDrop add-on by Javi Dominguez and collaborators is not an "official" add-on. It's managed under GitHub, like many unofficial add-ons are.

The latest version is 2.0.1dev and can be downloaded from this page:
The direct download link is:

I don't know anything about this add-on beyond what I've written here.

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