Chrome forms with NVDA

Sean Randall

Hi all,

Sorry if this has been brought up already, I had a quick search  but might have missed a thread.


With NVDA 2020.3 (and several earlier versions), plus  Chrome 86, whenever I enter certain form fields on the web I get a lot of extra  nonsense,

For example, when trying to add a description  to a Google Form, I hear:

Form description  edit  multi line  overall type: UNKNOWN_TYPE server type: NO_SERVER_DATA heuristic type: UNKNOWN_TYPE label: Form description parseable name: section: _1-default field signature: 4290505990 form signature: 1493917485352217957 form renderer id: 4294967295 field renderer id: 22  blank


I’d settle for the Form description  edit  multi line   bit!


It’s only a problem when I want to review the contents of a field, if it’s a single-line item and I don’t have Braille on the go it can be  very irritating to have to wait for all the speech to finish.


Has anyone seen this before, am I being really silly and missing something obvious?

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