Re: Cannot get past, "please register this," when launching NVDA!

Robert Logue

I had this same problem.  It was the demo of Code Factory voices for NVDA add on. Plus, the trial of Code Factory SAPI voices.  I foolishly tried both then was away from my desktop PC for more than a month.

I don't like that kind of behavior in trial software.

I was not even able to use Narrator because that please register message was spoken every time I pressed any key.

Asked Microsoft disability answer desk for help through Be My Eyes on my iPhone to resolve this.

Turned out that Narrator was using the demo voice which has also timed out.

I don't know if I'd been able to fix my self without the help from MS


On 2020-10-23 10:32 a.m., Gene wrote:
The please register this must refer to a synthessizer that your NVDA is using.  If you get that message and the command NVDA key control r pressed three times rapidly, You may hold control and nvda key and type r quickly three times, doesn't restore NVDA to its defaults so the default synthesizer can run, then you may have to delete something else, such as your synthesizer or your NVDA settings so it will start using defaults.

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Subject: [nvda] Cannot get past, "please register this," when launching NVDA!

Keep getting please register this when I launch NVDA. Cannot get to menus or anything else. I had old version of NVDA I removed. Then installed the latest NVDA. Did not help. Using windows 10, Also JAWS.

Any help appreciated.


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