Re: NVDA Verbosity for Grouping and sorting messages in Outlook - Can it be changed?

Sean Randall



Ideally I suppose you could match this with a regular expression in a speech dictionary, but  Outlook seems to send this to the synthesizer in a couple of chunks (if I look in the speech viewer, the final expanded or collapsed statement comes across on a second line sometimes).


Still, a dictionary entry could  reduce:

Group By: Expanded: Date: Yesterday  grouping  expanded”


“Date Yesterday expanded”

Assuming, of course, you wanted the date datum as part of the output. Personally I just want the day, because  it’s  obvious it’s grouped by date if I am collapsing a group of days


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         I'll let others get into the verbosity settings that might be changed, as I can't answer that.  I am posting only because I have retitled your topic for archival purposes and to make it clear the question is about NVDA verbosity related to using Outlook, not Outlook itself.

         By the way to the readership, if it turns out that there are Outlook settings that can be tweaked to decrease NVDA's verbosity in a circumstance like this, that still counts to me as addressing the interaction between NVDA and the program.  But I suspect this will be fixed, to the extent it can be, via NVDA settings rather than any Outlook settings, though I could be wrong about that.


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