Re: Can anyone explain the Input Composition checkboxes in NVDA settings?



         Thanks much.  This is another instance where I cannot fathom why that settings pane does not state, directly, that these settings apply to the input of Asian character sets.   Had that been a part of the pane I wouldn't have even asked the question.  This is the sort of thing that needs to be a part of that particular pane, telling you what the collection of settings is about.  Then, if necessary for those who would be tweaking these, something about what doing so would do, if that wouldn't already be obvious to someone who would be tweaking those settings.  They're all "not obvious" to me, but I had no idea they applied to Asian character sets only, either.

          Much as I love NVDA, and I do, there are some serious improvements that can be made to the actual settings hierarchy itself as far as what is stated on various panes for the settings collectively as well as the individual settings and the creation of a search mechanism (which I realize is a non-trivial ask) for the entire settings hierarchy.

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