Re: How to spell out Roman numerals



          Just to be crystal clear, we're talking the following Roman numerals, which I will put spaces between each character for the purposes of this post so that they get read character by character:
I one
I I two
I I I three
I V four
V five
V I six
V I I seven
V I I I  eight  
I X  nine
X ten

You don't want or need something like X V I read for sixteen?

It's very easy to come up with a couple of short regular expressions that can handle the Roman numerals for the numbers one through ten.  It's a lot more difficult if you wanted it to handle any Roman numeral, e.g, 2020 written out as M M X X, or 1959 as M C M L I X

If all you want is one through 10 I'll toss together the regexes and replacement strings and post them for you to add to your speech dictionary.  I will also presume that any of these Roman numerals will have a preceding space and space after unless they are located as the start of a line or end of a line.

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