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This could be made much easier, and possibly adding this ability would be useful to others in different contexts.

You can now tell the dictionary to recognize the item anywhere, whole word, or regular expression. There should be an option for something like only exactly as written. In other words, if I wrote a Roman Numeral, placed a space before and after it, and made it case sensative, that would minimize the number of times it would be recognized by the dictionary. The system wouldn't be perfect. You would have to not have the letter capital I alone recognized as something to be spoken as a numeral. But the listener could know without any trouble when it is meant as a Roman numeral. I don't think there would be any other such cases. It may be that adding the exactly as written only option wouldn't help many users, perhaps it would require too much work to implement to be justified, given all the other things developers might work on and the time versus benefit ratio. But perhaps this would be easy and would benefit many people. Maybe it would benefit people in other contexts than just Roman numerals that I don't know about. Whatever the case, this might be something worth discussing.


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Just to be crystal clear, we're talking the following Roman numerals, which I will put spaces between each character for the purposes of this post so that they get read character by character:
I one
I I two
I I I three
I V four
V five
V I six
V I I seven
V I I I eight
I X nine
X ten

You don't want or need something like X V I read for sixteen?

It's very easy to come up with a couple of short regular expressions that can handle the Roman numerals for the numbers one through ten. It's a lot more difficult if you wanted it to handle any Roman numeral, e.g, 2020 written out as M M X X, or 1959 as M C M L I X

If all you want is one through 10 I'll toss together the regexes and replacement strings and post them for you to add to your speech dictionary. I will also presume that any of these Roman numerals will have a preceding space and space after unless they are located as the start of a line or end of a line.

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