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Janet Brandly

Hi Brian,


Yes, the Roman numerals must be in upper case. Some examples of Roman numerals combined with letters and Arabic numbers are:


â Schatzker III: Depression only of lateral tibial plateau (two types):

Schatzker IIIa: Lateral depression.

Schatzker IIIb: Central depression.  


Less often, Roman numerals may also be followed by lower-case letters or Arabic numbers.


Thanks again for your help. Maybe this could benefit others as well.







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           I believe I understand what you're saying about the character afterward, but would you mind tossing out a couple of examples.  Particularly, if the character(s) that can come after the Roman numeral are limited to a select few.

           Also, can the Roman numerals be either upper case or lower case letters for the numeral, or strictly one or the other?

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