Re: How to spell out Roman numerals


My thinking it that there can be no whitespace after the colon, or an instance of a single whitespace character, but not multiple whitespace characters.  Definitely not the same as .* at all.

I agree that one could probably use \b, but I was thinking "whitespace" and used whitespace matching.  And remember whitespace is not just a space, but includes space, tab stop and line break.

Also, I sometimes change my mind about what I'm going to capture, and \b is non-capturing.

There's a reason I have said, repeatedly, that I am doing "quick and dirty" to get the result I'm looking for.  It's entirely possible, nay, probable, that certain of my regexes could be expressed more elegantly.  If it works on the tests I'm running, as I expect it to, it's "good enough."

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