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Sean Randall

the problom with this approach is that other letters than I would lose their meaning, such as x, v, c and so on.

whether NVDA should pronounce Iii as "3` or "I I I" is a matter for the synthesizer and user though, surely we shouldn't proscribe that level of detail for users in the general case.

On 8 Nov 2020, at 11:55, Gene <> wrote:

I think I figured it out. When using the whole word setting, if I don't include a space before and afgter the numeral, it works. I made an entry iv and in the pronounced as field I placed 4. I didn't make it case sensative because I wanted to test what the dictionary would do in general.

When it saw iv in a word such as exclusive, it read the word properly. When it saw iv just as letters, whether they were at the beginning of a line with a space after, in a sentence with a space before and after, or at the end with a period afgter, the dictionary read iv as 4. This may be of considerable value for those who don't know how to work with regular expressions and want to make Roman numeral pronunciation rules that work properly. The only thing I can think of that shouldn't be placed in the dictionary is a single I and 1 in the pronounced as field. You would constantly hear I spoken as in One went to the store.

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It isn't clear to me after experimenting with the speech dictionary how the
whole word setting works. I had originally thought that those who wanted to
have something like Roman numerals spoken as standard numbers might need
another choice in the speech dictionary. There is now whole word and
anywhere as choices. As I thought about it, I thought that whole word
should work and that no other option would be necessary. If IV were seen as
a whole word and the dictionary spoke 4 when it saw IV with spaces on either
side, if you include spaces in the entry, that that would not result in
extraneoussspeaking of 4. So another choice in the list of radio buttons,
as Ioriginally suggested, wouldn't be needed.

I experimented with this and iv by itself with spaces in the pattern field
and 4 in the pronounced as field doesn't work. IV is still spoken as IV
when written in this way. what does NVDA consider a whole word? When I try
a word such as alive and use the whole word setting, that works. Perhaps
what NVDA sees as a whole word needs to be changed.

Since most people won't know how to work with regular expressions, the
ability to do this sort of thing using the whole word option might be

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Subject: Re: [nvda] How to spell out Roman numerals

On Sat, Nov 7, 2020 at 04:53 PM, Gene wrote:
This could be made much easier,-
What could be?

Everything you write after this is essentially what I proposed: using the
speech dictionary with regular expression matching to very strictly limit
what is captured and substituted.

One of the beauties of regular expressions is how they can be crafted to
catch only what you want.


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