Re: table navigation issues

Sarah k Alawami

This might we web dev errors, but try the fs airlines site. You do need to be logoged in to see any of the tables but trust me, you cannot use your table keys.


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On 9 Nov 2020, at 0:55, Gene wrote:

I would think this isn't related to your project, but I see instances where things look like tables to sighted readers but are not, so a screen-reader can't read them in any sort of logical manner. How often this happens, I don't know and it may be to an extent the sites I happen to look at a good deal but it is nonetheless an accessibility issue to present something that looks like a table and isn't

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Subject: [nvda] table navigation issues


I am seeking for examples where NVDA does not correctly navigate web tables. This is a project I am involved in at work. We are collecting good and bad examples of tables. So if you have any web pages with tables that NVDA does not work with. Please share.

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