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A topic entitled, Webvism, has been created by Gene on the Chat Subgroup, for those who wish to further discuss this.  But, as a public service, I do want to share something from his topic here:

Unless this has changed, and I haven't heard that it has, you can use
Webvism with an old version of Firefox, the last being 5X versions. You can
get a portable version of 5X and still use your current browser for general
browsing, only using the 5X version where necessary for captchas. Many
captchas are now solvable with audio challenges but some aren't.

Any further discussion of Captcha Solvers, any one of them, should occur on the Chat Subgroup.  They're not connected to NVDA (or any individual screen reader) in any meaningful way, although the same demographic often uses both.

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