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Janet Brandly

Hi Brian,


Okay, I won’t install that list yet. With regard to the word ‘I” versus the Roman numeral I, because the word is more common in language than the Roman numeral, let’s just leave it as it is; i.e., NVDA will say the word “I” regardless and I will just have to doublecheck if I am working in a context where the Roman numeral may be a possibility. Hopefully that makes it easier all around.




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            If you have not already entered those rules hold off on doing so for two reasons:

1.  I have just learned that dictionary processing does not terminate after the first successful match, but continues down the list, using the substituted text for subsequent processing each time a match is found, until the end of the list is reached.  So I need to consider the order again to make this successful.

2.  It's likely I can remove the trailing colon requirement for all but Roman numeral one, unless it works better to assume it's there, then that needn't be changed

The big problem here is really the Roman numeral one, and having some very clear way of differentiating it from the pronoun I, and that is not at all easy sans some other delimiter used with it to make that differentiation clear.

I'm not going to work on this further until I see a response from you, as it's clear that this is going to be an iterative process until we nail down precisely what will work based on the text you're generally processing, which looks to be medical in nature.

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