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Murphy's law dictates that the very second you commit to the release a bug is found of course. its the natural way of the world. grin

Back many moons ago when I could see I used to test and handle the software on line on a UK system called Micronet, for the old zx Spectrum. This meant converting it and testing it on all the different variants of the machine and then uploading the files. I could test till I was blue in the face and then somebody a day later would point to a problem which made it crash or do something stupid.
This is why, these days you need a varied bunch of users. People who are too familiar with software often miss the obvious, much in the same way that a writer does not see their errors in a document.
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Hi Kenny,

NVDA 2016.3rc2 is currently available - that is a "release candidate" - if
no major issues are found, then the final NVDA 2016.3 will be released in
the next week or so. If anything is found, then a new release candidate
may be released which would then push the final release back a week or so.

NVDA 2016.3rc2 is available from:



On Sat, Sep 3, 2016 at 8:42 AM, Kenny Peyattt jr. <>

Hi when will nvda 2016.3 be released?

Kenny Peyatt jr.

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