Re: table navigation issues


Well I am on a food ordering service which I use.

The sight is really crankey and stupid.

On all brousers the edge etc the site will crash and windows will become unresponsive.

Even on chrome its really crashy.

On the tablet my dad uses its really slow so yeah, its the site being so slow when loading it literally times out what is acceptable and has a lot of other access niggles.

That being said the food and the company are good to work with and the food is good to eat but oh well.

On 9/11/2020 11:56 pm, Gerry wrote:
I get a similar problem on a banking site. I use latest MS Edge and when I use T for table and then try to navigate the table using Cntrl+Alt plus cursor arrows, nvda says, not in a table cell. I then have to navigate along the rows rather than up and down the rows. It is annoying, but I can still get what I want.


On 09/11/2020 10:42, Sean Randall wrote:
This works fine for me in Chrome and Firefox.
My only annoyance is that t for table puts me on the caption, so I cannot immediately use CTRL+alt+cursors to navigate by row or column.
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not sure it is what you're looking for, but anyway, using firefox, tables in microsoft docs can't be browsed using table navigation, e.g.
for constructors properties, members, events, etc.
It did work properly on at least one other browser - i think it was internet explorer.

-- Patrick
Le 09/11/2020 à 09:25, Sean Murphy a écrit :

I am seeking for examples where NVDA does not correctly navigate web
tables. This is a project I am involved in at work. We are collecting
good and bad examples of tables. So if you have any web pages with
tables that NVDA does not work with. Please share.

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