Re: latest version of vocalizer expressive driver for NVDA


you talk about tiflotecnia here. not codefactory. codefactory have 7 day trial

Den 9 november 2020 23:12:06 skrev "Gene" <gsasner@...>:

Not necessarily.  One of the companies that provides synthesizers uses a
system that it may not want to use.  I don't know why it does but it’s a
very bad system.

A new driver is released from time to time which runs until a certain date.
It is the same date for everyone, no matter when they install it.  If you
install it one day before the date, it will expire the next day.  If you
install it after it expires it won't work for any period of time.  That is
likely what the problem is and as far as I know, there is nothing to do but
wait for another driver.

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You must have tried it in the past.

consider buying the product.

Or, maybe write Code Factory a nice email and ask for an extension of the
demo period? It's worth a try.

On 2020-11-09 5:22 p.m., Samuel Villa wrote:

I don’t mean to complain, but when I install the driver and a voice it says
that the demo expired. I really want to try this product. Could somebody try
to get me in the right direction? Thanks.

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