Add-on updates: StationPlaylist 20.11.1/20.09.4-LTS, Windows 10 App Essentials will support Version 1909 until January 2021 #addonrelease


Hi all,

Two add-on updates:

  • StationPlaylist: versions 20.11.1 and 20.09.4-LTS are now available (the former is stable, the latter is long-term support version). These releases include initial support for StationPlaylist suite 5.50 and improves various add-on dialogs using features introduced in NVDA 2020.3. As always, the new update can be found via Add-on Updater.
  • Windows 10 App Essentials: Windows 10 Version 1909 (November 2019 Update) will be supported until January 2021. Originally end of support was December but was extended to January 2021 due to a need to prepare the add-on for future NVDA releases.




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