Re: NVDA Goes Silent When Working with Outlook 2016 - Where does the fault lie?



            I have retitled your post for both clarity and archive maintenance purposes.  I hope that someone will be able to assist in figuring this issue out.

            That being said, it has been asked that logs not be posted to the group, and I would ask you, and all members, to refrain from doing so in the future.  If an assistant needs a log or log segment, they will request it and it should be sent privately.  There are many times when NVDA logs can contain information that would be sensitive and that the end user would really not want to have out in public, and they'd have no way of knowing it's even there, and this is why we do not want public posting of full logs or log segments.  That, and there are mighty few members who have the expertise to interpret them, too.

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