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I am not using the latest NVDA but a very recent version. I tested with Edge and with the Brave Browser and was able to move properly in the quick settings page. I'm using Windows 7 but I don't think that would matter since I tested with Edge as one browser.


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Subject: Re: [nvda] table navigation issues

Lots of apps report tables but NVDA doesn't work with them.

Examples are the NVDA user guide and commands quick reference.

Can't move between columns with ctrl+alt+left or right keys.

Windows 2004. NVDA 2020.3. New Edge.

Firefox 73.0.1

On 2020-11-09 1:55 a.m., Gene wrote:
I would think this isn't related to your project, but I see instances where things look like tables to sighted readers but are not, so a screen-reader can't read them in any sort of logical manner. How often this happens, I don't know and it may be to an extent the sites I happen to look at a good deal but it is nonetheless an accessibility issue to present something that looks like a table and isn't

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Subject: [nvda] table navigation issues


I am seeking for examples where NVDA does not correctly navigate web tables. This is a project I am involved in at work. We are collecting good and bad examples of tables. So if you have any web pages with tables that NVDA does not work with. Please share.

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