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Sascha Cowley

I think it's a chromium thing. Visually, there is no table there (as far as I can see). There is a table in the code, but what the purpose of it is, I don't know; the first column seems to be empty. I believe, therefore, that NVDA treating it as a layout table, and thus ignoring it, in Firefox, is the correct behaviour.

On 11/11/2020 13:50, Brian Vogel wrote:

          Just did a test with Firefox and it is a "Firefox thing."  I get no table using Firefox, too, but I don't know why this is, because a quick look at the page source sure shows a web/HTML table being employed.

           There's a bug somewhere, but whether it's Firefox or NVDA I don't know, or else all of the Chromium-based browsers share a bug or NVDA with them in regard to what's going on.

           I don't know for absolute certain which browser is having things "presented correctly" by NVDA.

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