Re: Scrambled speech in console windows

Roger Stewart

I have no solution, but I've experienced something similar when using mIRC. At random it will start speaking several lines of text way before the current position and it will not always read everything but just parts of it and sometimes it will get stuck in a loop and keep doing it until I kill it by hitting a control key. This has been going on for several years with many versions of nvda.


On 9/3/2016 2:14 PM, Felix G. wrote:
Has anyone here also encountered, and maybe found a solution for, the following issue?
In a console window, speech is often scrambled as follows: Text is spoken twice, the first time with breaks between words. Not all text is spoken twice but only the beginning of what should be spoken, and sometimes letters are missing from this.
For example, let's say the text "This is a line of text." is printed to a console window. In the behavior described above, this might be spoken as:
This. Is. A. Lin. This is a line of text.
Does that sound familiar to anyone, and is there a known remedy?
Thank you and kind regards,

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