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Hello Quentin


I regularly had the same experience using Adobe, and pressed the alt key and the space bar which generally let me read the PDF file.  However regularly it would still not read it, and NVDA an r would not read the document either.  I made Google Chrome  my default PDF reader, and I can now read PDF files just about all the time.  I rarely have any success with NVDA and r. 






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I'm not sure what Avpage view is?


Normally, when you open a PDF file, if it has been created properly and is accessible, you should be able to read it just like reading a Word document or web page.


If the document has been scanned as an image of text, NVDA will normally report this, and in that case you can press NVDA+r to run OCR on the document, and then use the standard reading and navigation keys to read the text (and press escape when done).


Otherwise if you could perhaps give more information about the error?


Kind regards




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Hello all in group,

I have a problem with an Adobereader.

If I open a pdf file, Nvda says Avpage view.

What I may do, for reading a text?





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