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welcome to nvda and i am glad that you love this excellent program.
i remember that one time joseph lee mentioned that office 2003 is not
supported anymore in nvda versions since 2019.
so, i believe that you may get better result if you download older
versions of nvda for office 2003 using.

On 11/8/20, Raymond Brough <rjbrough54@...> wrote:
Hello Folks

Approximately 2 months ago I commenced using NVDA, currently version
Within a couple of weeks of this I subscribed to this group and this is my
first post.

I am in the midst of having the software on my desktop and laptop computers
upgraded / changed and, to spread the learning curve and disruption, have
opted to carry this out in 2 phases.

Firstly, I upgraded to Windows-10, Firefox and Google chrome, and changed
using NVDA. Previously I was using Windows-7, Internet Explorer 11 and

Secondly, and imminent, I will be upgrading to Microsoft 365 from Microsoft
Office 2003. Prior to doing so, there are several tasks I would like to
complete. Unsurprisingly, bearing in mind the age of Microsoft Office
I am experiencing some difficulties but finding work arounds for or
tolerating the vast majority of them. However, their is one which is
proving extremely frustrating in respect of Outlook 2003!

When reading back and forth through an HTML or Plain Text e-mail thread
using the 4 arrow keys, when I read some e-mail addresses in the second
recent message in the thread, or messages prior to this, NVDA often stops
speaking and my computer freezes. It appears the only way to get out of
this is to relaunch NVDA:
Windows Key+r nvda Enter.

After relaunching NVDA, when I alt+tab, all of the applications / messages
files etc. I was working with / on are still open. However, when the
message causing the problem is highlighted I have to quickly tap the End
or Ctrl+Home to take the cursor away from the e-mail address causing the
problem, otherwise, failure to do this quickly enough will result in a
reoccurrence of NVDA being silenced and the computer freezing.

When I invoke continuous read,
NVDA Key+Down Arrow
the e-mail thread is read back without a problem!

The problem occasionally occurs when using Microsoft Office Word 2003.
reading some, not all, e-mail addresses in a file.

If there is a solution to the problem I would be pleased to read about it.
However, I suspect I may be advised / told to upgrade to Microsoft Office
365 slightly quicker than I planned.

I have searched for a solution in the NVDA manual and on the website, and
also carried out an internet search. It appears NVDA will support elements
of Microsoft Office from version 2010 to 365.

I look forward to your replies. In anticipation, many thanks.

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