Re: a little question about nvdaremote

Chris Mullins

Hi Paul

This is the help text from the remote add-on.  I think it could be adapted to do what you want to do.


Remotely Controlling an Unattended Computer

Sometimes, you may wish to control one of your own computers remotely. This is especially helpful if you are traveling, and you wish to control your home PC from your laptop. Or, you may want to control a computer in one room of your house while sitting outside with another PC. A little advanced preparation makes this convenient and possible.

1. Enter the NVDA menu, and choose Tools, then Remote. Finally, press Enter on Options.

2. Check the box that says, "Auto connect to control server on startup".

3. Fill in the Host and Key fields, tab to OK, and press Enter.

4. Please note: the Generate Key option is not available in this situation. It is best to come up with a key you will remember so you can easily use it from any remote location.





From: P. Otter [mailto:pam.otter@...]
Sent: 13 March 2016 10:28
Subject: [nvda] a little question about nvdaremote


hello all,

sometimes my mother has problems with her computer.

i can help her with nvdaremote.

now, it is possible to start and connect automatically when nvda starts.

but now is my question, can i tell nvda that the computer has to be controled bi another computer?

i know it is possible to start automatically to controll another pc.

but i want that my mother only starts nvda and i can help her to controll her computer.

is that possible?


paul otter


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