Re: trouble switching to basic mode in Gmail


gene, yes, i had the problem which you mentioned.
i asked one of my relatives to do this for me.

On 11/13/20, Gene <> wrote:
It is at the very top of the page, the first line. At least that's where I

see a button that says Basic HTML View using Chrome. My experience,
however, is that this button doesn't work reliably to change the view when
you open the web page again. If I switch to standard view, I have to press

the button every time I open the web page. I don't know if others have that

experience and I think I've seen instances where that isn't necessary, but
you may find it so, based on my experience.

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Once I had that problem and I found the button to switch by pressing
tab+space bar and then tab or shift+tab to find the button to switch
back to basic html.

On 11/13/20, Dan Beaver <> wrote:
I switched to standard mode so I could try to delete thousands of old
emails. Once I was done with that I tried to switch back to basic mode
couldn't find the place to do so. How do we do this using NVDA? There
doesn't seem to be anything that NVDA can see to do this.


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