Re: trouble switching to basic mode in Gmail


Why don't you navigate by buttons instead of just tabbing and shift tabbing?

To make it the default look for the link that says somehting like make
basic.html the default view which is close to the top of the page.


On 11/13/20, Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...> wrote:
Yep, turning browse mode off does indeed let me see the button. However, in
Firefox it takes quite a few shift-tabs to get to it. It isn't very
convenient at all.

I appreciate your help though.

Sure wish I could turn it on permanently though.

Dan Beaver

On 11/13/2020 12:31 PM, Gene wrote:

I said that the button is at the top of the page. At times, you won't see
something in browse mode or the virtual pc cursor, whatever your browser
calls it. Go to the top of the page, turn it off, and shift tab two or
three times. You will see the button.

If you don't see something you should and its something you can tab to
like an edit field, a button, etc. turn off the virtual pc cursor or
browse mode and look

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Subject: Re: [nvda] trouble switching to basic mode in Gmail

Using Firefox I do not see the button/link at all. Even if I do a screen
search it doesn't come up with a hit.

I used to have basic mode as my default before I did this clean up
activity but now it always comes up in standard mode. I thought there was
a choice in settings for making it always basic mode but I have searched
through settings and can't find that either.

When I did a google search I found a page that talks about it but only
gives 2 links, one for using standard mode and the other for using basic
mode. It doesn't save this change at all, you have to use them every time
if you go to that page.

This is getting super frustrating.


Dan Beaver

On 11/13/2020 10:10 AM, Gene wrote:
It is at the very top of the page, the first line. At least that's where
I see a button that says Basic HTML View using Chrome. My experience,
however, is that this button doesn't work reliably to change the view when
you open the web page again. If I switch to standard view, I have to
press the button every time I open the web page. I don't know if others
have that experience and I think I've seen instances where that isn't
necessary, but you may find it so, based on my experience.

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Sent: Friday, November 13, 2020 8:48 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] trouble switching to basic mode in Gmail
This is getting super frustrating.


Dan Beaver

Once I had that problem and I found the button to switch by pressing
tab+space bar and then tab or shift+tab to find the button to switch
back to basic html.

On 11/13/20, Dan Beaver mailto:dbeaver888@... wrote:
I switched to standard mode so I could try to delete thousands of old
emails. Once I was done with that I tried to switch back to basic mode
couldn't find the place to do so. How do we do this using NVDA? There
doesn't seem to be anything that NVDA can see to do this.


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