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Confirmed. I’ve done this with both Jaws and NVDA. Not at once. I did use them both one at a time. Gene’s right. It is usually the first link you see. With my old windows 7 I had to refresh the page a bunch of times.  Jaws 14 sometimes did not work well on the gmail site. I used the whatever version of NVDA to get the job done.  Now with windows ten I can use either one. 


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It is at the very top of the page, the first line.  At least that's where I

see a button that says Basic HTML View using Chrome.  My experience,

however, is that this button doesn't work reliably to change the view when

you open the web page again.  If I switch to standard view, I have to press

the button every time I open the web page.  I don't know if others have that

experience and I think I've seen instances where that isn't necessary, but

you may find it so, based on my experience.



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Once I had that problem and I found the button to switch by pressing

tab+space bar and then tab or shift+tab to find the button to switch

back to  basic html.


On 11/13/20, Dan Beaver <dbeaver888@...> wrote:

> I switched to standard mode so I could try to delete thousands of old

> emails.  Once I was done with that I tried to switch back to basic mode

> but

> couldn't find the place to do so.  How do we do this using NVDA?  There

> doesn't seem to be anything that NVDA can see to do this.

> Thanks.

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> Dan Beaver (KA4DAN)




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